Above is the PollEverywhere created by Cohort 2 when asked what they have gained from the HarvardWIT+ Mentoring Program.

The Harvard Women in Technology+Allies Mentoring Program is a staff volunteer-led, 6-month program where we match Harvard IT staff who hold marginalized gender identities with Harvard IT staff mentors.  Our definition of marginalized genders includes cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, genderqueer individuals , and all gender identities which have been oppressed or disadvantaged by unequal power structures. 

We won a PAIF Grant to support our first year (2018/2019). We are currently supported by Harvard University IT and Anne Margulies, Vice President and Chief Information Officer. More information about Cohort 3 coming soon!


Program Objectives

  • Increase retention and promotion of marginalized genders in IT roles
  • Provide coaching and tools for career development
  • Promote networking and internal mobility via pairings across Schools
  • Engage and empower marginalized genders in IT roles
  • Build confidence and self-advocacy skills

Program Goals
We seek to show measurable increases in:

  • Confidence levels of participants
  • Engagement levels of participants
  • New cross-School connections
  • Marginalized gender applicants to open IT positions across Harvard
  • Percent of marginalized genders in IT roles grades 57-59


Additional Information

  • Submitted applications do not guarantee participation
  • Applicants must apply to be either a mentor or mentee, not both
  • Meetings between mentees/mentors are expected to take place during working hours
"This program is like no others: it gave very tangible outcomes, very real network and very real mentorship."

Email us at  wit_mentoring@harvard.edu