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The WiSTEM Program is a 1:1 mentoring relationship that connects mentees with leaders in the organization to learn and develop. Mentoring helps you to expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights as well as build new skills.

Mentoring doesn’t just happen – it requires thoughtful matching based on individual needs and active participation through proven steps that map to participants’ unique objectives. With Chronus software’s MatchIQ® technology, students will be connected with mentors who are aligned with their specific development needs, resulting in better academic mentoring outcomes for participants; And mentoring participants will stay active with the software’s built-in, step-by-step guidance that enables a productive development experience, ensuring your personal outcomes will be achieved. 

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Why Become a Mentor?

A mentor is a guide. A friend. A resource who helps pave the way for others to succeed. It’s not about having all the right answers. Your role as a mentor is to inspire, encourage, and support your mentee, contributing to their development through thoughtful conversation and consultation.

Why Become a Mentee?

With the help of a mentor, you can gain new knowledge and skillsets that can broaden your academic opportunities and personal networks for advancement. As a mentee, gain the confidence necessary to tackle short and long-term goals, navigate challenges, and accelerate your growth.


The mission of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (WiSTEM)  Mentorship Program is to create and maintain an environment that fosters the growth and development of women, femme, nonbinary, and other gender minority students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at Harvard College through mentorship. The WiSTEM Mentorship Program was established in 2001 to build community among women in STEM by matching undergraduates with graduate students and professionals in similar fields and create programming to support students in the STEM community at Harvard.


The short-term goal of the program is to increase the retention of women, femme, nonbinary, and other gender minority STEM concentrators at Harvard College by connecting them with role models and mentors to providing critical support necessary for them to thrive. The intended long-term impact of the WiSTEM Mentorship Program is to strengthen a community of inclusion for women and other underrepresented students in STEM at Harvard while enhancing pathways for greater representation in STEM careers more broadly.

STEM Community 

In addition to connecting individuals and promoting mentorship, the WiSTEM program has been at the forefront of building a community for women across Harvard. The program features a variety of events and community-building activities to enhance participants’ experience, including gatherings with faculty members. Learn more about how to get involved in the greater community through the STEM Coalition or the other Diversity in STEM Mentorship Programs.

Mentorship is an impactful way for students to learn new skills and support academic and professional development while building a network of community members; including mentors, peers, and staff, invested in their success. Wherever you are in your professional or student journey, the Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (WiSTEM) Mentorship Program helps you to grow by learning and developing with others through mentorship.

  • For undergraduate mentees, WiSTEM helps in academic and career planning by providing academic and job-specific information and potential career paths, building career networking skills, and assisting with job placement after graduation.
  • For our mentors, WiSTEM provides the opportunity to give back and volunteer time, while developing important leadership skills and finding support from within the broader WiSTEM community.

For all of our participants, we are working to build an inclusive community in STEM at Harvard where all members can thrive. Be a part of the movement, join our community today as a mentor or mentee! 

For more information about the Harvard College Women's Center visit our website or email us. 

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