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The HarvardWIT+ Program is a group mentoring relationship that connects mentees with leaders in the organization to learn and develop. Career mentoring helps you to expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights as well as build new skills.

Employees will be connected with mentors who are senior Harvard IT staff, aligned with their specific development needs, resulting in better career mentoring outcomes for participants. Mentoring participants will receive step-by-step guidance through our mentoring software, and participate in monthly group events that enable a productive development experience, ensuring your personal outcomes will be achieved! 
Learn more about mentor and mentee eligibility and apply next fall to join our HarvardWIT+ Mentoring Program Cohort 6!

Why Become a Mentor?

A mentor is a guide. A resource who helps pave the way for others to succeed. It’s not about having all the right answers. Your role as a mentor is to inspire, encourage, and support your mentee, contributing to their development through thoughtful conversation and consultation.

Why Become a Mentee?

With the help of a mentor, you can gain new knowledge and skillsets that can broaden your career opportunities and personal networks for advancement. As a mentee, gain the confidence necessary to tackle short and long-term goals, navigate challenges, and accelerate your growth.

We seek to show measurable increases in:

  • Confidence levels of participants
  • Engagement levels of participants
  • New cross-School connections
  • Marginalized gender applicants to open IT positions across Harvard
  • Percent of marginalized genders in IT roles grades 57-59


Diversity In STEM Mentoring Orientation

  • On Tuesday, September 27 at 5:00 pm, HarvardWIT+ is hosting a mentoring orientation
  • Dr. Elizabeth Janiak will discuss the state of women’s health and the importance of representation and how her various mentors have impacted her journey. 
  • Alexis Stokes, Associate Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer will share tips on how potential mentors can act as advocates for mentees. 

"This program is like no others: it gave very tangible outcomes, very real network and very real mentorship."

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